St. Sophia, whose name means wisdom, is a saint and martyr known for her
extraordinary wisdom as a mother and wife. She raised three daughters to be so
virtuous that they chose Christ and martyrdom over the riches and pleasures of the
world. Her suffering was a Joy because of her Love for her God.

The wisdom of Sophia and her devotion to God are beautiful examples for women in
today’s world who aspire to holiness.   Thankfully, as Catholics, we have a wealth of wisdom to guide us;Holy Scripture, the
Church Fathers and Doctors of the church, the Holy Spirit, The Holy Father, oodles of
papal documents and encyclicals and a saintly example for just about any situation or
area of life you can think of. We have our beautiful Mother Mary who’s ‘Yes’ is an
example for every person but whose role as wife and mother speaks to women in a
special way. Blessed John Paul II wrote specifically to women in every stage and
situation, special words of Wisdom in his “Letter to Women”.
The challenges for Women today are vast and I hope this blog will be hope and
encouragement to every Woman based on the wisdom that has been handed down for
over 2000 years. No matter your vocation, career or marital status, your beauty and
power and dignity lies in the wisdom and genius of your womanhood.
Join in the conversation. Let’s share Wisdom.


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